Low Water Landscaping

Visit the ALA Demonstration Garden at Tavern Bay, Lake Arrowhead for low water using native and adaptable trees, shrubs and ground covers suggested for planting in our area. The examples in the garden are commercially available.


Evergreen Trees: Deciduous Trees:

Ponderosa Pines Black Oak (pink Spring leaves)

Jeffrey Pine Vine Maple (Fall color)

Sugar Pine Pacific Dogwood & Hybrids (Spring flowers, Fall color)

Coulter Pine

Knobcone Pine

Incense-Cedar Medium Shrubs:

White Fir Coffeeberry (berries)

Bigcone Douglas-Fir Oregon Grape (Spring flowers, berries)

Common Lilac (Spring flowers, fragrance)

Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry (Spring flowers)

Large Shrubs/Small Trees: Pyracantha "Lalandei" (berries)

Serviceberry (Spring flowers, fruit)

Flannel Bush (Spring flowers)

Elderberry (fruit) Small Shrubs:

Western Redbud (Spring flowers) Compact Oregon Grape (Spring flowers, berries)

Red Twig Rock Cotoneaster (Fall color)

California Bay Pyracantha "Lowboy" (berries)

English Hawthorne (Spring flowers) California Wild Rose (Spring flowers)

Smoke Tree (purple leaves) Gold Cinquefoil (flowers Spring-Fall)

Wormwood (gray foliage)

Ground Covers/Vines:

Lambs Ear Perennials/Accents:

Mexican Evening Primrose (Spring flowers) Deer Grass

Lady Banks's Rose (Spring flowers) Russian Sage (summer flowers)

Cotoneaster "Lowfast" Coral Bells (Spring flowers)

Cotoneaster "Coral Beauty" Yarrow (Summer flowers)

Rockspray Cotoneaster Coreopsis (Summer flowers)

Creeping Mahonia Gaillardia (Summer flowers)

Virginia Creeper (Fall color) Sedum (Summer, Fall flowers)

California Poppy

Blue Eyed Grass

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