Flushing Program

In 1927, Alpine Water Users Association began to distribute water to the Twin Peaks community. The main goal has always been to provide a safe and affordable product to the tap of every consumer. In our on-going effort to provide you and your family with the safest drinking water, our field staff will be implementing a flushing program in the coming weeks. The goal of this program is to ensure the longevity of our aging infrastructure, by removing any possible sedimentation and to remove unwanted build up from the walls of our piping. Our field staff will be using the many fire hydrants located throughout or distribution system to flush water from the mains at a high velocity. During this time, there is a possibility of discolored water making it into your service. You do not have to be alarmed if this does happen. The easiest solution would be to open a larger port fixture such as a bathtub and allowing the water to run until it is clear again. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the flushing program, feel free to contact Josh Lattimore during normal hours of operation. (909) 337-2845.