Tips for Making Payments

Having trouble making a payment? Here are some tips:

Do you want to pay your Water Bill or Assessment Bill?

1. Water Account: Typically starts with a 2 or 3

  • Billed bi-monthly

2. Assessment Account: Typically starts with a 1, 5 or 6.

  • Every February based on the number of shares owned

Paying Online

1. Visit our website.

2. Click on the View/Pay Bill (also located at the bottom of this page.)

3. Then click on the Pay Now Button.

4. Enter your account number and first 3 letters of the owners last name in the name section.

5. Click Search Invoices

6. Click Pay My Invoice

7. Select the box next to the invoice you want to pay

8. Follow the prompts and enter the necessary information to pay the invoice

Other helpful tips for paying online:

  • If you do not have any unpaid invoices, you will not be able to access the account when you are not Registered.

  • To view past invoices, go paperless, or set up AutoPay, the owner or tenant must Register.

  • All accounts are under the Owner/Shareholders name

  • Late Fees are applied to unpaid invoices as of 12:00 AM on the On/After date. If a payment is made after 12:00 AM on the On/After date, it will still incur a late fee.

  • Use the Manage Accounts tab under My Profile to add both of your accounts to your billing dashboard


We typically schedule this for about two weeks after we send the bill. Please follow the prompts on both accounts to set up auto-pay.

Paying By Phone

Call 1-877-695-7485. Sorry, our office does not handle card payments.

Paying by Mail

All payments must arrive before the "On/After" date on the bill to avoid the late fee. Alpine Water Users Association is not responsible for when the United States Postal Service delivers mail.

Paying by Night Drop-Box

Open 24/7 with regularly scheduled collections

Paying In-Person

If you would like to pay with your debit or credit card, please pay online or call 1-877-695-7485.

Otherwise, we are happy to process non-card payments during office hours. (Please see the home page for current office hours.)

Payments can now be entered online !!!!